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Our Story

Welcome to Dinxko Studios, where storytelling comes to life! Meet our founders, Robin Kohler and Dianne Nxumalo-Kohler. They’re a creative team with backgrounds in IT and human psychology, bringing stories to life for almost 15 years. Their excitement and passion shape the lively energy that defines us. As partners in both life and business, they officially started Dinxko Studios in 2019.

Dinxko Studios is a proud creation of Dinxko Consulting, a multi-brand company. We emerged from a realisation that people have many pieces of nostalgia in the form of physical photographs, memories, and stories, but lack a meaningful way to share them digitally. Our mission is simple: we believe everyone’s story is unique and deserves its own space.

At Dinxko Studios, our work is our passion. We love what we do, and our vision, mission, and values guide us in helping you. We’re all about bringing people together through storytelling. Dinxko Studios is more than a service – it’s a celebration of stories and memories. Let’s work together to capture, preserve, and share the magic of your unique tale. Contact us and let’s make your story stand out!

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